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Welcome to the Assembler Library

Write highly optimized assembler routines for your Omikron Basic programs using the Assembler Library.
The Assembler Library is easily used to generate assembler routines for your program by simply adding the corresponding mnemonics to your BASIC program. The code is generated automatically by the Assembler Library when the program is launched so that you can use the USR function or the CALL command to call the assembler routines. No need for complex linking of the assembled code.
The Assembler Library contains detailed general control commands used to generate the code as well as all PowerPC command set mnemonics. Moreover, most of the simplified mnemonics and a few macro commands have been implemented as well.
The Assembler Library is especially well suited to create so-called primitives. These are small code fragments that perform only very simple but also very frequently required tasks. For example, in case of several nestled loops it is frequently enough to realize only the innermost loop as an assembler routine to achieve significant increases in performance.

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