Omikron BASIC for Apple Power Mac

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Overview on this page:
Chapter 1: Overview
Chapter 2: The Editor
Chapter 3: The Menus of the Editor
Chapter 4: Basics
Chapter 5: The Command Set
Chapter 6: Error Messages
Chapter 7: Appendix
Chapter 8: Extension-Library
Chapter 9: Other Libraries for Omikron Basic
Chapter 10: The Library Maker
Chapter 11: The Source Code Debugger


Chapter 1: Overview

The Demo Version
The Lite Version
Differences Compared to the ATARI Version
Adapting Older Programs
New Commands
New Control Words for the Native Compiler
No Longer Supported Commands
The Omikron Basic Output Window
The Menu of the Omikron Basic Output Window
The Demo Programs
In the Planning Stage ...
The Omikron Basic Internet Home Page
Error Reports and Suggestions

Chapter 2: The Editor

Starting the Editor
The Program Windows
Keyboard Assignment
The keyboard assignment in NEWOMBAS.INF
The keyboard assignment in NEWOMBAS.INF.Omikron
Special Characters, Abbreviations & Name Completion
Special characters
Automatic name completion
The Dialog Windows
The Built-in Screen Saver

Chapter 3:  The Menus of the Editor

The Apple Menu
File Menu
Edit Menu
Find Menu
Cursor Menu
Mode Menu
Editor Preferences
Program Menu

Chapter 4:  Basics

General Information
Variable Types

Chapter 5:  The Command Set

5-1   - @
5-2   ABS - CINT
5-4   DEFDBL - FIX
5-7   LSET - NEXT
5-8   NOISE - POKE
5-9   POS - SAVE

5-12 Index of Command Groups (Overview)


Chapter  6: Error Messages

6-1  Error Messages of Omikron Basics
6-2  Error Messages of the Compiler
6-3  Error Messages of the MacOS  

Chapter 7:  Appendix

7-1  VT52 Emulator
7-2  Memory Organization in Omikron Basic 
7-3  MIDI Notes Allocated to the Frequencies
7-4  Virtual Key Code
7-5  ASCII-Codes:
7-6       Systemfont
7-7       Monaco
7-8       Courier
7-9       VT 100

7-10  Internal Color Map of Omikron Basic
7-11  Fill Style Table
7-12  Line Style Table
7-13  List of Standard File Types
7-14 The Most Important Data Structures of the MacOS

Chapter 8: The Extension Library

Commands in Detail
Functions to Transform Floating Point Numbers into Strings and Vice Versa

Chapter 9: Additional Libraries for Omikron Basic

EasyGem Library
Complex Library
Statistic Library
Numeric Library

Chapter 10: The Library Maker

Structural Requirements of Libraries
Hints for Programming Libraries
The Exported_Symbols Procedure
Error Messages of the Library Maker

Chapter 11: The Source Code Debugger

Debugger Control
STOP Commands and Breakpoints
Memory Windows
Variable Windows
Debugger Settings
Debugger Error Messages
Practical Examples

Copyright  NEWS... Important Introduction Start | Chapter 1. Overview

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